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Get Alerted

When signing up for Nixle, you may want to make sure you include your landline number (if you have a landline). Just fill in the section that says Home#.

It doesn’t happen often, but cell towers can go down in an emergency (making it impossible to use cell phones). But even if the cell towers are down, the landline numbers can still stay in operation. Be sure to think about this when you’re making your plans to reunite.

Once you’re signed up for Nixle, you may also want to consider setting up a phone tree. A phone tree is a group of people who call each other to make sure everyone got the message—and knows what to do next.

Setting up a phone tree isn’t hard, you just have to make your list of people to call, and then get the people on the list to agree to call each other (on both their cell phones and landlines).

It’s also helpful to write out the list and send it around, so that in an emergency, the people you care about can remember who they said they’d call.

Another thing you can do is sign up for other alerting services.
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